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Invisible Gold 3.3 June 2012
Version 3.3 of IG includes improved security and a faster CSS driven admin interface. Inside the interface we've switched to Arial font.

Invisible Gold 3.2 Nov 2011
IG Version 3.2 includes Social Media Icons for sharing purposes as well as page-specific title overrides, useful for search engine recognition. (SEO)

Wordpress 3.3
The popular blog software suite has gotten even better with customizable admin interface and a simplified method for handling image upload.

LWS Website Edit Method

  The IG Content management system (CMS) is the cornerstone of our website design and development methodology. It is fairly easy to use with built in prompts. You can edit your text, add new pages, add or modify images, move or delete your page or section. The CMS automatically updates page links and provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) via customization of TITLE and Meta-Tags. We use our technology to make site edits for clients based on their email or phone call. We manage mailing lists, answer questions and are always trying to provide the thoughtful answers to your questions based on our years of experience and selection of tools to best accomplish any task.

  Our talents merge giving your single proprietorship, small to medium size company, business or firm the ability to take control of their website. Redesigns of your website appearance can be handled with modularity, with different sections of your site having different distinct looks. The content is separate from the design looks thus redesigning your site does not mean losing years of uploaded page content and images. We can convert your existing site into our technology and can make it more enticing with flash animations, slideshows and rotating product displays.

  Litchfield Web Services (LWS) offers it talents in training you to use our content management software and is here to consult on the navigation, layout and integration of your site into our CMS. Of course if you just want a "static" site hosted or some email accounts or someone to manage your domains registrations and DNS, we are competent in these fields as well.

Contact us to discuss how we can effect a re-implementation of your website into our easy to use CMS. We provide training, site maintenance, personalized service and design support.


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