Welcome to the Bayberry Inn

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  This is the historic Bayberry Inn, once the home of Abigail Featheridge, Great Aunt of Millard Fillmore 13th president of the United States. Although the president (Millard as the family called him) never slept here it is reported that his Uncle occasionally did, as well as other notables.

  Abigail loved to entertain, and during its heyday Bayberry Hill, as it was called then, was the center of area social life and still is. Abigail continued her rise to social prominence long after the uneventful presidency of her unfortunate nephew. She is said to have once held a midnight ice cream social on the 4th of July for young Civil War soldiers recovering from minor wounds while billeted at the gracious home. Abby, as the soldiers called her, tended to their wounds day and night.

  Many recovered veterans returned for frequent visits over the years leading to the homes conversion into an Inn in Madame Abigail's latter years. Following in this proud tradition the Bayberry Inn, welcomes you.

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