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The text edit interface is easy, I can copy paragraphs of text I have prepared from my text editor and paste them in in one copy paste move.

The paragraph and sentence 'carriage returns' are preserved. We don't use HTML but certainly know how to use simple HTML elements such as the 'bold' tag the italics tag and the 'font' tag so if we wanted the following text to be red, 'font color=red' inside the appropriate brackets I can make any color I want.

What else is there? the 'li' tag makes cool bullets
  • Bulleted Item
  • Bulleted Item with nested bold and italic
  • Bulleted Item with nested Font, bold and italic

Getting into it further the "Rich Edit" template which I can choose when creating my page allows me the Wordprocessor style buttons and effects I am used to.

Updated 1/26/2011
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