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We offer full website packages from Basic Brochure to Full Function E-commerce. All sites are custom designed to best present your business on the internet.

Sites that are purchased with or without editability can be maintained for $25/hr per call, fax or emailed page changes. All prices subject to change based on customer's requests, some things require programming or other functions that may be charged at a higher rate. Client must provide all images and content where appropriate. Some content loading is included in the pricing and often used for site training lessons. The first 2 one hour sessions at $50 per hour, email assistance is usually included.

Editable Access: Included in the setup fees. Editable sites allow you to add/delete/edit all your pages (easier than sending an email) whenever you want, as often as you want, with personal password. The fully modular functions can be built out as you grow or customized to suit your unique needs.

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