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Color Chart

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Circle the code for the color you want and then enter the code into the order form or site you build. Keep this chart

Very bright or deep colors can over power the content, softer colors are less competitive.

Look at websites you like or don't like, make a list of each. Try to match your colors to the top pick. You can send the list to the web designer, it always helps to know what you like.

A set of color pencils may help you plan the design of your site, it will also help the designers and save you and them time and money. It's fun too.

Spend some time thinking about what you want your site to do, who is going to visit it and what they are going to want to know about you. Start collecting pictures, and developing content that will fill your pages. If you have difficulty you can visit our website for more tips or email the web designers for help. Having an editable site gives you the advantage of changing and updating content easily BUT you want your site to be as complete as possible when you go LIVE! It is recommended to start with simple, necessary pages you can have ready when the design is approved, then build up the site as you become comfortable with the system. Good Luck.

Color Scheme

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