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Design Tips

The easiest way to explain something is to show it to you, so here are some examples of what we have done with some explainations of how and why. If you just want to visit some of our live sites and skip walking through the process with us, go to our portfolio link above.

Web Design 101:


Links are as important as looks.

Banners are the standard form to establish both a web page identity (the logo) and the top level of information access, we call those catagories links. Just because it's the standard it doesn't mean it should be taken for granted nor should the links it displays.
A thoughtful analysis of what you want to say and how that information is catagorized begins the design process. Simplicity and clarity are best, after all if the viewer doesn't know where they are and where to go, what good is your site?


The side bar or side nav. as we call it is the second level of access or links. Planning how this further breaks down your information is essential to guiding your viewer through site and keeping them comfortable with the experience. What those links are further dictates your design, but that does not mean it has to be a bar or on the side, it just has to be somewhere where your visitor can find it easily.
For example the banner below puts the second level of navigation below the banner and the main links. There are also drop down menus, fly out menus and push down menus; whatever they are, they need to be clear, easy to find and always visible.

How the Magic Happens...

There is No Magic

There is only common sense. We work out with you what you want your site to be about, plan out a navigation plan or site map; if that works for you then we begin the design cycle. We present you with two or three "looks", we talk it over, choose one, or don't. We go away, we come back with two or three "refinements", we talk it over, etc, etc.

Eventually you have the look you want. It can take as long as a couple of hours or a couple of months, luck has a lot to do with it, so does money, so does experience, so does the agreement we made with you before we started. Its a partnership not a dictatorship, with that said we can make magic. All you have to do is trust us with the swords and stand, very, very still, its all done with mirrors.


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