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Technical Information

To prepare Images for Web:

Max width of content images for most IG sites:
WIDTH= 400pixels (5.5 inches) no height limit.
350px (4.5 inches) or smaller is better, images can be resized by the program but it's best if they're loaded to size as it will use less processing time and they will load faster.

For enlarged view: Max width for most IG sites= 550pt (7.5 inches)

Color Mode= RGB
Resolution= 72 dpi
File Size= 200kb or less (30kb or less is best)
Save for web as: jpg or gif files

When naming your images, stick to all lower case, no special characters (you can use an underscore example filename_010206.jpg), keep the file name short, 15 t0 20 characters long.

Compress your image files, use the "Save for Web" feature in Adobe Photoshop,
or use Jpeg wizard

Click Here for more documentation on sizing images

Tip, create a new item always by hitting "new" button in green at the top of the list of current group. Once you type in the title and text and hit save, a new page will be created, then you will see a spot to load the photo. Be sure the first title you type into the page title is what you want, you can change the title later but the web address of that page will always be the first title you entered. Keep titles short.

DO NOT USE THE DELETE FUNCTION, UNLESS YOU WISH TO DELETE A PAGE OR IMAGE FROM THE SITE ENTIRELY. NEVER DELETE A MAIN OR TOP NAVIGATION PAGE, NEVER! (If you delete an image from the website it is gone entirely, so you need to keep a copy on your computer or save the image to disk or cd)

Click Here for a useful HTML guide

or download the pdf file below for html coding hints and information on sizing photos for your web pages:

Download: colorchart.pdf
Download: html_hints.pdf

download acrobat readerTo open PDF files you may need to install Adobe Acrobat. Click here to download it from the Adobe website.


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